Dog Agility Training - Testing Your Dog's Agility and Intelligence

In the year 1977 Dog training came into practice it started in great Britain the ultimate idea here is to train dog for it to do things that you want it to do the trainer here gives the dog a series commands which the dog trained to flow and emulates.

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Pets are generally trained to jump around tunnels to sit to stand to walk etc.There also lot of dog based competitions held form time to time.

This is also a treat for the spectators and also for the organizers. Dog agility training competitions is an annually organized event. This event has to rules and regulations and it must be flowed accurately.

Dog of varies sizes and weight come under different categories in this competition.In this competition the competitors are require to train there dogs to make them jump above 12 feet.

A lot of competitors train there dog to jump more then 18 feet. In the mini division dogs would be required to jump between 12 to 24 feet.

Normally a dog train agility judge approves a dog and trainer before taking part in these competitions. It is very important to get the judges approval.

It is very important to ensure that the dog’s growth plates are closed before commencing the training. Normally it takes about 8 to 9 months for the dog plates to close.

This is very necessary in order to prevent the dog from get injured. Now the dog can commence the training and jump various heights.

How do the dogs get started there agility training?

There are various stages in this competition. It ranges from the starter level to the advance level. The starters division is normally participated by the dogs whose growth palates have just been closed.

This dogs would have just started training with the respected trainers the advance around in this competitions is normally participated by dogs who have cleared 3, 4 rounds in this competitions.

Normally dogs that are older in age and experienced advanced to the round.Normally a dog is give a master training while before certifying the dog a s master it would be evaluated 2 judges this process is 6 round process.

As mentioned there are 2 judges involved to certify the dog as master.This training is a fund sport and is enjoyed by lot of people and viewed with a lot of passion. But to be really honest the dogs are the one which enjoy the training the most.




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