Building a DogHouse? Consider These Points

If you are on the job of building a doghouse then you must be able to consider many related points involved.

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The very fundamental point is to ensure that a doghouse should be comfortable for the dog and in the event of a doghouse not comfortable the dog may not even turn towards it, even if you have made it with gold.

The basic purposes of building a doghouse is to create a safe and happy shelter for the dog and for providing such facilities you should carefully plan while building a doghouse.

Many times people just create a doghouse based on their aesthetic taste and miserably fail in making it an appropriate one for their dog.

What are the Basic Amenities that a Doghouse Should Consist of?

While building a doghouse for your beloved pet, you should take into consideration many valuable things and let us see few of the basic amenities that you are supposed to ensure in a doghouse.

• The doghouse should be amenable for easy cleaning. Many people put up hinges over the roof while building a dog house to facilitate easy cleaning and such type of roof besides giving protection to the animal, makes the dog house more amenable for cleaning with less efforts.

• Let the entrance of the doghouse always face eastwards. This is mainly advocated for the reason that in USA the storms strike from western or southern side, and in such cases the dog resting in the doghouse will have better protection from water or high winds.

However, you can change the entrance while building a doghouse depending upon where or which part of the country or region you are building the doghouse. Ensure that the entrance doesn’t face directly the wind direction.

• Note to paint the inner sides of the doghouse. While building a doghouse many people deliberately avoid painting the inside portion of the doghouse thinking that the strong smell of paints can hamper the dog’s sniffing capabilities.

To rule out the possibilities, you can paint your doghouse both inside and outside well in advance, say 15 to 20 days before you let in your dog inside the doghouse.

A coat of painting will greatly enhance the looks of the doghouse and a painted surface will always be easy for cleaning.

• Make the roof and the floor of the doghouse slightly tilted towards entrance so as to allow the water that may enter to get drained without getting accumulated inside or over the roof.

This way your dog will not get wet in an unlikely event of water entering into the doghouse accidentally.

What you have seen above are only a few thumb rules that you may follow while building a doghouse.

However, the overall scenario of building a doghouse greatly depends on your preference, infrastructure and on the type of dog that has to be sheltered there in.

Unless you take care of the few basics, the kennel that you build may not be useful at all for your dog.




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