A Simple Guide to make your Own Wooden Dog Bed

Many of us pamper our pets better than we do ourselves especially with regard to your dog and its bed. There is a wide range of dog beds in the market to choose from. You can have a designer dog bet if you have money to spend like hundreds of dollars.

Many are satisfied with home made dog beds made with a pillow and extra fabric. Otherwise you can make a wooden dog bed. This can be a simple or complex work according to the style or its fancy. If you are patient and have time you can involve the entire family in some part of making a wooden dog bed.

Getting Your supplies

Materials to make a wooden dog bed comprise coarse wood, a hammer, nails, a saw if you have not purchased pre cut wood to the exact size, sand paper and paint or primer according the style of the wooden dog bed. You should be very careful abut the safety of children assisting your project. You can design it to the style and size you see fit. You will need some sort of padding. A fluffy comfortable pillow will be the best though you can use whatever you see fit.

Making a Wooden Dog Bed

First make a frame for the wooden dog bed. Then decide on the shape and size colour scheme suitable for you then nail it together. You can add fabric, primer, paint, pillows or even dog padding to complete your pooch’s new bed. Have fun with it and be creative for the dog to enjoy it. Then think about what money you have saved in making a home made wooden dog bed.

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